The Pulsar Vortex is the ultimate portable wax vaporizer! Its advanced atomizer is easy to load, easy to clean, and heats up instantly.

Vape like a Ninja with this stealthy, portable pocket vaporizer from Pulsar. Simply load a dab of wax into the chamber and hit the button to release your inner Ninja!

With the ability to deliver up to 800 puffs, the Stylus features a color coded, variable voltage battery that allows for a fully customizable oil vaporizing experience!

The hottest new dry herb vaporizer is now in your hands! Includes ceramic herb chamber, powerful battery w/ LED display, USB charger, AC wall adapter, packing tool, cleaning brush, and six month warranty.


Vaporization is the transition from a liquid to a gas. Evaporation is a very common form of vaporization, where surface water turns to mist, steam, or clouds. In the context of modern vaporizers, vaporization occurs when the liquid content of tobacco, herbs, oil, or wax is heated until it becomes a mist and then inhaled.

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Why Pulsar?

Every person is a unique creature, so we have designed our line to suit the individual needs of our customers. For some, the key to a vaping experience is traversing a busy city on foot, zigzagging through the masses, vape mode set to stealth. For others, it is the ability to modulate settings and tailor today’s session to suit a particular mood.

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