Personalize Your Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig

Anything is made better when you can add your own personal touch to it and the RöK Electric Dab Rig is no different. Whether you've already purchased one or are thinking about getting a new daily driver, you can now truly make it your own with a variety of colorful accessory options. 

Mix It Up With Color

The original RöK comes with transparent clear glass for the base, disc percolator, and carb caps. Now you can purchase them in a kaleidoscope of color options including black, blue, green and yellow. Mix and match your favorite colors by adding extra color options to truly make it your own! All of the glass items are made from strong borosilicate, and all of our colored items are made from high-quality colored glass rods. We also carry limited edition RöKs including the Luna Glow, Neptune and Alchemist to really set yourself apart from the rest! 

It’s About the Accessories

The RöK is built to be used with concentrates and dry herbs and therefore the standard setup includes clear glass specialty carb caps for both options. Since the original product launch, we have listened to you and added a full line of colorful accessories that enhance your experience. 

RöK Carb Caps

Our caps are designed to specifically work with all RöK coils for optimal vapor production. Available in a number of options and colors ranging from cloudy swirls to bullet carb caps for concentrates and flat-top carb caps for flower. Our hand-worked glass carb caps provide directional and rotational airflow so you can have ultimate control over your sesh. The caps create an excellent seal with the silicone collar and can be spun around for more robust vapor production and flavor. If you are looking to increase the airflow for extra vapor, we recommend upgrading to the Cloud Collar XL if you have not already.  

RöK Perc Styles: Disc & Cyclone

The original RöK has two different types of percs depending on how you like your bubbles. You can choose between a disc perc or a cyclone style percolator. Both styles are available in a variety of colors and add an extra layer of style to your RöK.

Pulsar RöK Portability

To protect your new piece (and make it travel-ready) we have silicone bases that are sturdy enough to go the distance and will be sure to add a pop of color to any sesh. The high-grade silicone base and downstem make this a perfect option for trips, hikes or wherever the next puff may take you! The base also contains a hidden 32mm silicone container so you’ll always have everything you need no matter where you are. 

Pulsar RöK Customization

To break it down, you can customize almost every aspect of your RöK including:

  • Base material and color
  • Downstem color and perc type
  • Carb cap style and color

We also provide various add-ons for protection, convenience and cleanliness including:

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Tell us in the comments, what's your favorite RöK accessory? What color do you love the most? What color do you wish we carried and what could we do to elevate your experience further? 


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