Pulsar Ash Catchers


Keep your pipe clean and your smoke smooth with an ash catcher! This effective attachment is easily added-on to your bong for extra ash and smoke filtering to keep your pipe clean from smoking byproducts. Comes in a variety of different shapes, colors and perc chamber styles. It's like having a bong for your bong!

There are several factors you will want to consider when purchasing an ash catcher including joint size, joint gender, joint angle and weight. Keep reading about these aspects below to help make sure you get the perfect ash catcher for your water pipe.

Ash Catcher Sizing

Most bongs have a standard connection size that allows you to match it with a wide variety of accessories including ash catchers, bowl slides, bangers and more. Standard connection sizes include 10mm, 14mm and 19mm. If you have a bong with a 14mm female connection, then you need to have an ash catcher with a 14mm male connection for it to fit and work.

Bongs that have a 10mm connection are usually too small to hold and accommodate an ash catcher so you will probably not encounter any ash catchers using this size.

Joint Angles - Bongs can have a 45 degree or 90 degree joint connection angle based on the pipe style. Beaker and some other styles have a 45 degree joint angle which means that you also need to have an ash catcher made with the same angle or it won't work properly. Styles like straight tubes and recycler pipes have a 90 degree angle which means that the opening is pointing straight up in the air and you would need to couple it with a 90 degree ash catcher that points straight down.

How Does An Ash Catcher Function?

An Ash Catcher is basically made up of a percolator inside of a water chamber. You fill the chamber up with an appropriate amount of water (enough to cover the end of the percolator), attach it to your bong and attach your filled bong bowl onto the ash catcher. When you toke from your bong the smoke will be pulled through the percolator and filter it through the water chamber of the ash catcher for extra filtration. 

How Do You Clean An Ash Catcher?

Cleaning an ash catcher is done in much the same way as your clean your bong though it is much less cumbersome to handle. Use a pre-made cleaning solution to fill the chamber about a 1/4 to 1/2 full, plug both openings with your fingers or specialized cleaning plugs and shake it until all the crud has been removed from the glass surfaces. Run clean water through the ash catcher until all the cleaner has been flushed out and the piece is clean. Now the ash catcher is clean and ready for use.

After using an ash catcher for a while you will start to notice how much longer your bong stays clean!  

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