Bong Bowls


A bong bowl is a removable slide that is used with most bongs and other water pipes these days. A bong bowl uses what is called a glass-on-glass joint connection where it goes into your bong.

Bong bowls come in many joint sizes but the most common is a 14mm male. All of our bongs come with a basic glass bowl slide but you can also pick up an upgraded bowl with worked glass patterns or a more prominent handle to make it easier to pull away from the pipe for clearing the smoke.

Check out our collection for a wide range of color options and worked glass styles. Also, check out some of the non-branded slides in our online head shop.

What Does A Bong Bowl Do?

A bong bowl performs one main function and that is to hold your ground herbs during your smoke sesh. Use a grinder to shred up your herbal material and then fill up your bowl piece. Shaped like a funnel so the heat and smoke are drawn down through a small hole in the bottom and then enters your bong. 

Once all the herbal material has been smoked, remove the bowl piece and cache out any ash so its ready for the next smoke sesh.

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