Diamond Glass Icon Baggins Bong

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Diamond Glass is a glass blowing brand based in California. These folks are constantly producing new designs to stay on the forefront of the industry. This brand's glass offerings include rigs, bongs, bubblers, dab straws, hand pipes, ash catchers and more! Pieces include top-performing percolators and fun color accents.

The Icon Baggins Bong is hand made in the USA with quality borosilicate glass. This pipe has a bell shaped chamber for balance and visual appeal. The fixed downstem has a rounded angle between the joint connection and the chamber to aid in catching ashes. Each pipe includes a 14mm male herb slide with handle. Multiple colors available.


  • 7 inches (17.7cm) tall
  • Borosilicate glass bong
  • Made in the USA
  • Bell shaped chamber
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • Includes 14mm male herb slide
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Diamond Glass Icon Baggins Bong | Group
Diamond Glass Icon Baggins Bong | Green
Diamond Glass Icon Baggins Bong | White
Diamond Glass Icon Baggins Bong | Black

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