Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong

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Pucker up for the Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong! These fun and fruity pipes are made from quality borosilicate glass and filled with freezable glycerin. Combined with the twisted air pathway, this provides the ultimate cooling effect to the smoke making your sesh that much sweeter. These bongs also include an inline percolator inside the bell shaped chamber for added water filtration. Each pipe has a decorative flower marble to garnish this zesty delight! Matching 14mm Male glycerin-filled herb slide included.


  • 6.25 inches (15.9cm) tall
  • Filled with freezable glycerin
  • Twisted air pathway to cool smoke
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Inline percolator
  • Decorative exterior flower marble
  • Includes matching 14mm male glycerin-filled herb slide
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong | Group
Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong | Yellow
Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong | Green
Citrus Twist Glycerin Bong | Orange

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