Pulsar Glycerin Freezer Bong

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This glycerin-filled bong is freezable, which makes it perfect for rapidly cooling smoke for smooth hits and large clouds. This pipe features a disc style percolator, and it includes a matching bowl slide which is also glycerin filled and has a Pulsar logo. Pipe stands 9 inches tall with a 14mm female joint connection. Available in multiple colors. 

  • 9 inches (22.86cm) tall
  • 14mm female connection
  • Filled with freezable glycerin
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Showerhead percolator
  • Includes matching 14mm male glycerin-filled bowl slide

Note: Be careful not to remove the rubber stopper on the bottom of the pipe or the bowl slide so as not to let the glycerin leak out. 

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Glycerin Freezer Bong | Blue Color
Pulsar Glycerin Freezer Bong | Red Color
Pulsar Glycerin Freezer Bong | Green Color

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