Carb Caps

What Is A Carb Cap?

A carb cap is an indispensable part of your dabbing setup that completes your dab rig and banger nail. This essential tool gets its name because it constricts airflow, creates convection and traps heat which allows you to dab at a lower temperature. 

Terpenes in your concentrates are destroyed with higher temperatures and they are accountable for the flavor so it is best to keep temps low. 

Most designs of carb caps are made to provide directional airflow so you can control exactly where you want the stream of air to go. Capping your nail also traps the heat and allows you a longer time for your dab session before it needs to be heated up again. 

How To Use A Carb Cap

After you have heated up your banger nail with your concentrate inside, set the carb cap on top  with the nipple end pointed into the banger bucket. If you are using a directional or bubble style carb cap, twist it around on top of the banger to direct airflow around while you inhale.  

Carb Cap Types

As with any dab tool there are a variety of carb cap styles that work a little differently from each other. You can find the following styles in our collection:

Flat Channel - This style is shaped like a flat disc with slits or a pattern cut into it that direct airflow into the banger in a swirling cyclone manner. The airflow is great for spinning terp pearls (terp beads) inside the banger bucket.

Directional - For those that are chasing the terpene flavor this style gives you control over your dab by swirling the air around inside the banger bucket. This style lets you get airflow into all areas of the bucket to ensure you vaporize all of your dab. The airhole comes out at an angle and allows you to push puddles of concentrate around for even vaporization. Works with slanted and flat top opening bangers. 

Bubble - This spherical shape allows you to move the cap around and direct the airflow with more freedom than a directional style. Works with flat-top bangers especially types with a beveled edge so you get a really good seal between the two. 

Bullet - Very similar to a bubble style in terms of function. The shape allows you to use it with pretty much all flat top bangers. 

Vortex - Also known as a cyclone style that creates a vortex of cool air down into the banger

Pearl Spinning - A pearl spinning style carb cap has a spherical pearl inside that spins around as air is pulled through. This style adds an element of kinetic fun during your dab session.

Carb Cap & Dabber Tool In One - These premium dab tools give you a carb cap on one end and a variation of dabber tool on the other. Some feature a pointy end for using with sticky waxes. Others have a shovel shape for scooping terp sauces with diamonds. These hybrid tools are more cost effective since you don’t have to purchase multiple tools. And it is easier to locate when you need it most.

Carb Cap Materials

The best carb caps are made with borosilicate glass but a few are made with quartz or heat-resistant silicone. There is some heat transfer from the banger to the carb cap during the dabbing process but not usually enough to need more than glass.

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