Glass Pipes


We offer a range of glass pipes and herb pipes with a modern take on classic designs like spoons, chillums, taster bats and more. Check out our colorful hand-blown glass options that are the perfect tool for smoking. Also, visit the collection of non-Pulsar hand pipes in our online head shop.

Why Use A Glass Smoking Pipe?

Using a glass pipe is the easiest way to smoke dry herb. Today there are so many cutting edge products for smoking. But a glass pipe continues to appeal to many due to its simplistic nature. Just pack the bowl, light up and enjoy.

Smoking pipes are popular around the world because they are a classic and cheap way to smoke dry herbs and tobacco. 

What Types of Glass Pipes Are There?

Sherlock - It has that iconic bent shape that looks like a traditional tobacco pipe. Glassblowers build in feet on these dry hitting pipes so they can stand upright when you set it down. 

Spoon - The most iconic of all hand pipes. The traditional shape has a thin mouthpiece and stem that taper out into a wide round bowl. A carb hole on the side allows users to control the amount of airflow so they can clear the smoke while they take a hit.

Gandalf - A dry-hitting pipe with a long, thin stem. The longer length allows the smoke more time to cool and mellow before inhaling. Although delicate, a gandalf is a fun distinct piece to add to any smoker’s collection.

One Hitter - A simple short pipe that holds a smaller amount of herb. You hit it quick and stash it away. You may also hear these called chillums and taster bats.

Novelty Pipes - Put a fun spin on your smoking experience. Novelty pipes come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some look like food items and some like cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless.

Steamroller - Imagine a hollow glass cylinder with a bowl attached to it. Voila, that is a steamroller. The wide open cylinder allows you to clear a lot of smoke at one time for a big hit.

Bubbler - These pipes have the portability of a hand pipe with the added bonus of water filtration. Provides super smooth hits. 

What Are Pipes Made Of?

Today, any glass pipe you buy will be made with borosilicate glass. Borosilicate is the equal of Pyrex. Glassblowers use this type of glass because it is stronger and handles heat well. 

How To Smoke A Pipe?

Steps for smoking a hand pipe:

  1. Use a grinder to grind up your dry herb.
  2. Pack the dry herb into the pipe bowl.
  3. Light up with your finger over the carb hole.
  4. Uncover the carb hole and inhale the smoke.

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