Pulsar Artist Series Grinder | Garden of Cosmic Delights

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Grind your herb just the way you like with the Pulsar Design Series Grinder! Designed with a sturdy metal material, it measures 2.5 inches wide and is comprised of 4 pieces. The solid top displays the Garden of Cosmic Delights artwork, created by featured artist Hannah Bunzey. It illustrates a trippy setting of flowery folks that have set up shelter in a mushroom meadow, surrounded with wild lollies and butterflies galore.

On the interior, this grinder is outfitted with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth for optimum fluffy herb texture. Once ground, your ready-to-use herb drops into the center storage chamber for easy access. The base includes a sifting screen and pollen chamber for kief collection. The first two pieces are kept securely together by a magnet while the lower pieces are connected with a threaded closure.


  • 2.5 inch (6.4cm) diameter
  • 4 piece herb grinder
  • Durable metal construction
  • Diamond-shaped shredding teeth
  • Sifting screen & pollen chamber
  • Magnetic closure
  • Includes scraper tool
  • Garden of Cosmic Delights artwork by Hannah Bunzey

    Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


    Pulsar Artist Series Metal Grinder | Garden of Cosmic Delights
    Pulsar Artist Series Metal Grinder | Garden of Cosmic Delights | 4 Pieces

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