Phoenix Rising Hand Grip Bong

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The Phoenix Rising Hand Grip Bong is crafted from quality glass blown in the USA. This bong is simple to use, yet has a unique look that gives it character! The clear glass construction forms a straight tube bong with a curved profile, ideal for easier gripping or passing between tokes. A hypnotizing raked color swirl decorates the chamber and each pipe has a flared base for stability. Get even more satisfying smoke when you use the 3 pinch ice catcher that's built in! Each bong a 14mm male herb slide and a downstem diffuser. Stripe accent and base colors vary.

🌈⚠️ Please note: This item comes in various colors. In order to keep it in stock, we ask that you let us choose a color for you. Colors are based on availability and may vary from those pictured. Don't want to risk it? Browse our other American Made Glass.


  • American Made Glass
  • 12 inches (30.5cm) tall
  • Straight tube bong with curve
  • Flared base
  • 3 Pinch ice catcher
  • Raked color designs
  • Includes downstem diffuser & 14mm male herb slide
  • Colors vary

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Phoenix Rising Hand Grip Bong | Group
Phoenix Rising Hand Grip Bong | Pink Green
Phoenix Rising Hand Grip Bong | Black Red

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