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Quartz bangers are a dabbing attachment made for fitting on to your dab rig with a standard sized 'glass-on-glass' joint fitting. Though it looks like regular clear glass, quartz is actually a different material that is able to withstand hotter temperatures without melting and thus perfect for dabbing with. Quartz is fairly easy to clean and has lower heat retention than titanium, so it heats up very quickly. Available in multiple joint sizes so you can find a nail that pairs perfectly with your rig.

Banger Nail Anatomy

This type of dab nail consists of a:

Bucket - the cylindrical shape top of the banger holds your concentrate and gets heated with a torch to create vapor.

Neck - consists of a hollow tube that connects the bucket to the joint and allows vapor to pass into the dab rig. 

Joint connection - connects the banger to your dab rig. A few standard sizes make it easy to find one that matches your glass-on-glass pipe connection. The most common size is a 14mm male.

Banger Nail Types

Deep Bucket Banger

Deep Bucket Bangers have a skinnier diameter but a deeper bucket opening. This design helps keep concentrates inside the bucket without reclaim dripping down the neck. Usually made with a 4mm thickness on the bucket to be extra durable and for fantastic heat retention.

Terp Slurper Vacuum

This interesting take on a banger pulls air flow through the slits in the mini dish at the bottom. As you inhale through your dab rig the air flow pushes all of your concentrate back into the heated center column of the banger bucket to ensure that it is all vaporized. An excellent choice for those that prefer large dab globs and tasty terps. Pair this banger style with a set of terp slurper marbles or terp screws to enjoy the best dabbing experience.

Flat Top

The flat top is a basic design of banger nail with an open bucket which easily allows you to use just about any style of carb cap on top. Some versions of this style have a thick quartz bottom for better heat retention.

Thick Bottom

A thick bottom is a design element that is common to find on a flat top banger. The 4mm thick bottom allows you to heat just that one spot with your torch and provides excellent heat retention. Good for cold starts and low-temp sessions. Made with standard quartz or an opal quartz which retains heat for longer.


Think of a thermal banger like a double-paned window, the outer layer and space between protect the inner heated bucket from the ambient atmosphere so it retains heat for longer. Heat the bottom and put a bubble style carb cap on top.

Color Changing Thermal

With a color changing thermochromic banger you can take timing and guesswork out of your heat up. The crushed colored glass trapped between the inner and outer quartz bucket layers turns color when the banger is heated to the optimal dabbing temperature so you know when to stop torching. 

Diamond Knot

The Diamond Knot is like a regular banger with a quartz knot fused on the inside of the bucket. You heat the bucket like normal and drop your dab onto the top of the knot. The concentrate will spread out and engulf the surface area of the knot. The added mass and surface area of the knot provide increased heat retention and vaporization.

Flared Bottom

A flared bottom banger provides a larger surface area for your concentrate to spread out and vaporize. The base has rounded corners that make it easier to swab out with a cotton bud. 

Beveled Flat Top

A beveled edge opening on a flat top banger provides more surface area to hug the curves of a bubble carb cap for a flush, tight seal. A better seal is conducive to low-temp dabs because more pressure is created inside the bucket. The higher pressure allows vapor to be created at a lower temperature, providing you with a much better terpene flavor profile. 

No Weld (Seamless)

No Weld bangers have a seamless connection between the bucket and the neck. This design provides better airflow and helps get your terp pearls really spinning.

Banger Nail Accessories

Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls are the perfect add-on item for a bucket banger. Dabbing these days is all about low temperatures and maximum flavor. Usually made with quartz or synthetic ruby, these tiny pearl-like balls are put inside the bucket and spin around to help distribute heat and spread out the concentrate. Top off your pearl/banger setup with a cyclone style carb cap. This style cap will direct airflow inside the bucket to really get the pearls spinning. Experiment with adding them in before 

Carb Caps

Carb caps and bangers are like two peas in a pod, you can’t really use one without the other. If you are looking for a low-temp tasty terpene experience you will need one of these essential dabbing tools. Almost any style of carb cap will fit on a flat top banger, but just be sure to get one that is wide enough to cover the bucket opening and create a good seal..

Quartz Drop-in Inserts

These accessories look like a mini dish and fit inside of a flat top banger. There are multiple ways to use these but the tastiest way is to heat the bucket of your banger and then place your pre-loaded Drop-in into the bucket with a set of reverse tweezers. The quartz-to-quartz heat transfer from the banger will begin to bubble and boil the concentrate at which point you can cap the bucket with your carb cap and take a steady hit from your dab rig.

Using A Quartz Banger Nail

Before using a quartz banger nail there are a few things you should keep in mind. Quartz is great at absorbing and retaining heat but you need to make sure to heat it up properly so it continues to perform well over time. When you heat your banger using a butane dab torch it is important that you rotate the flame around on the surface of the quartz to ensure even heating. Holding the flame in one spot can degrade the quartz and it won't retain heat as well over time. Never allow your banger to get so hot that it glows red. If it's glowing that means you have heated it too hot.

Heat your banger for approximately 30 seconds, let it cool down for about 60 seconds and then drop your glob of concentrate into the bucket using a dab tool. Optionally place your carb cap on top of the banger bucket and inhale from your rig. 

Before the banger has fully cooled, use a cotton bud or Q-Tip to soak up and remaining residue to keep it clean for your next session. 

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