Pulsar Recycler Bongs & Rigs


A recycler bong is a type of water pipe or dab rig that cycles smoke or vapor back through the water chamber so that you get the smoothest and most flavorful hits possible. Shop our recycler bong collection for a full range of the finest quality bongs and rigs at great prices!

Why Buy A Recycler Bong?

The benefit of a recycler bong is that it has extra tubing so you can take a big hit and the water will fall back to the bottom without getting any in your mouth. As we all know, bong water does not taste very good and a recycler style rig can keep that splash back from occurring. 

Recycler bongs are so much more fun than traditional bong styles. The extra tubing and chambers create a one-of-a-kind talking piece that all your friends will want to take a hit from.

Our recycler bongs are made with the best quality thick borosilicate glass that you can trust to ship safely and last for a long time.

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