Are you looking for an electric dab rig? Pulsar is your official source for the RöK eRig as well as the hottest accessories & parts. The RöK is a top-performing eRig for the best price point on the market. For peace of mind, every RöK purchase is covered by a 1 year limited warranty and we have replacement parts and coils in stock to keep your rig in good working order. Free shipping on all RöK orders.

What Is An Electric Dab Rig (eRig)?

An eRig is an electronically controlled dab rig for your concentrates that gives you several preset temperature settings to heat the quartz coil quickly and precisely. The eRig is an evolution in the dabbing market since it eliminates the torch that is needed with a traditional dab rig. A built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery is encased in the rig to power the heating coil and allows you to use it anywhere.


To truly make the RöK eRig your own, you can now get colorful glass bases, downstems, protective accessories and carb caps to fully customize it.

Carb Caps - Hand worked glass bubble carb caps provide directional airflow so you can get ultimate control over your sesh. The caps get an excellent seal with the silicone seal and can be twisted and rotated around for more robust vapor production. 

Percolation - Depending on how you like your bubbles, choose between a cerc perc or a cyclone style percolator that are available in multiple color options. If you are looking for a bigger size rig then grab a large base for 100% more perc chamber volume than the original!

Protection - To protect your new piece we have several 3D printed options to help cushion the glass base from minor drops and contact with hard surfaces. The dab station provides storage and compartments for all the tools and cleaning supplies you need so everything stays nicely organized. For more travel-friendly shielding consider a protective flexible base or cup holder.

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