Rolling Papers


Rolling papers are a cheap and easy way to partake in your regular smoke sesh. Check out our collection below as it contains a great selection of the best rolling papers from RAW and other great brands.

Why Should You Use Rolling Papers?

Unlike a pipe, rolling papers are small and they store easily for discretion while traveling. You can stash papers in your pocket or purse so you can have them ready whenever you are ready to roll up a fat one. 

With a minimal cost of just a few dollars or under rolling papers are accessible to just about everyone. 

Rolling papers have improved over the years, so they aren’t just a piece of paper anymore. Makers have added some really cool features recently that make the smoking experience even better. Cross-hatch patterns on papers keep runs from happening so you get a nice even burn from start to finish. Some other features include “cut corners” and ‘inside-out papers’. If you are new to rolling cigarettes or pinners, cut corners can make it easier to get a good roll when you are doing it by hand. Inside out papers make it easy to ‘backroll’ your joint and allow you to tear of the excess. 

For smokers who might have lower quality herbs, you might consider using flavored rolling papers. These papers help to improve the taste of your smoke. Since packs of papers are relatively cheap you can try a range of flavors and decide which one you like best.

Rolling Paper Materials

Most rolling papers aren’t made from the fibers of trees like regular paper. Since these papers need to be pretty thin for smoking, fibers from rice, flax and other interesting plants are popular with manufacturers. And the thinner the paper, the more slow-burning it will be and will provide better flavor from your herbs. Many folks like papers made out of the same material that you're probably putting into the paper 😉 because of their natural flavor.

Rolling Paper Sizes

You can get papers in many different sizes to suit your preferences. We offer basic King Size and 1 ¼ Inch papers that end up being about the size of a normal cigarette. We also have papers in the form of pre-rolled cones that you can get in the size of a 24 inch Challenge Cone which holds up to 3 ounces! Great for sharing at the party.

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