Stay Toasty (Or Toasted?)


As temperatures drop, the gray skies and chilly winds don't do anything positive for the vibe. When we said Let's Make Clouds, this is not what we meant.

Fortunately, Pulsar's got you covered - literally - when it comes to turning the struggle into the snuggle.

The softest, coziest hoodies, with colorful trippy designs to brighten your day no matter what the weather is like outside? Check.

Warm fleece blankets that you can bundle up in if you opt for a sesh on the porch? Check.

Zippos for lighting stuff on fire? You know, like in a fireplace.  Crackling wood, mood lighting, the whole nine yards. Check. Or just light up your bowl while you have a 10-hour loop of Fireplace DVD going on YouTube, we don't judge.

Butter infusers so that you have an excuse to keep the oven on all day? Yes, you DO need to bake a fifth batch of brownies, thank you very much. Check. 

Live somewhere where it's still warm and just want to unwind outside? We've got that covered too. 

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