Open Call for Alternative/Cannabis Industry Talent

Pulsar® is a leading brand in the quickly evolving smoke shop industry. We offer vaporizers, glass and silicone water pipes, rolling trays, dabbers, grinders, apparel, décor, and other lifestyle products. 
As part of our increasing marketing efforts we are looking for local talent of any gender, with an emphasis on diversity and alternative style, and at least 21 years of age. Talent is paid $50/hr or equivalent 1.5x compensation via product (example: $75 worth of product per hour worked). Familiarity with vaping and Pulsar products is a plus. All applicants should be prepared to provide images or links to previous photo or video work and have transportation within 30 miles of Asheville.

Got a unique style that fits the Pulsar brand and mantra to Enjoy Higher Culture? Please complete the following form for consideration.
Collage of models wearing Pulsar clothes or holding Pulsar products.