aLeaf Quartz Banger Spinner Kit | Lava

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Dab your way to perfection with this comprehensive set from aLeaf! The Lava Quartz Banger Spinner Kit includes a top hat style carb cap, pillar & cone inserts, and a 14mm quartz terp slurper style banger with a thick quartz base.

The terp slurper banger is true to its name, rapidly vaporizing your concentrates while the top hat carb cap prevents any vapor escaping. The pillar insert whirls around in the vortex that is created, helping to evenly heat and distribute any concentrates.

Banger Dimensions: 20mm outer diameter, 15mm inner diameter, 40mm height, 34mm depth, 2mm wall thickness, 35mm bottom dish diameter
Carb Cap Dimensions: 25mm diameter


  • 4 piece set
  • 14mm male banger
  • Terp slurper banger design
  • Top hat carb cap with pillar & cone inserts
  • 90 degree joint angle

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.