Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Design Series 2

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The Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout is a quintessential smoker's on-the-go tool. The dugouts have an easy twist top and include a spring-loaded aluminum taster bat. A hollow chamber on the other side stores ground up herb. Plunge the end of your one-hitter into your herbs to pack it and get a quick hit. The slim profile fits nicely in a pocket or bag, making this setup ultra portable. The included one-hitter pipe is decorated like a cigarette for discreet smoking.

The second series of designs are available in various colorful finishes and detailed decals.

Chill Cat - a humanoid cat getting high on the edge of the world, surrounded by extraterrestrials on a green finish; by featured artist Julian Akbar

Put the Can in Cannabis - an alternative depiction of Rosie the Riveter with the same can-do attitude on a red finish

Don't Drink Me - a drawing of a poison jar, teeming with alluring toxic vapors on a rainbow finish

DopeBot - a stoned cyborg with a bong relaxing as the sun goes down on a silver finish; by featured artist Julian Akbar

Pride Paint - rainbow stripes of watercolor paint form a pride flag on a black finish

Skullbanger - a skeletal stoner rips a pipe, exhaling swirling clouds of smoke on a blue finish


  • 4 inch (10.2cm) tall dugout
  • Made with colorful anodized aluminum
  • Easy twist top
  • Spring loaded aluminum taster bat
  • Multiple style options available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Design Series 2
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Chill Cat
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Put the Can in Cannabis
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Don't Drink Me
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Dope Bot
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Pride Paint
Pulsar Anodized Aluminum Dugout | Skullbanger
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