Anomaly Colfax Dugout

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The Anomaly Colfax Dugout takes a luxurious smoking experience pocket-sized and portable. This sleek design is made with the brand's quality craftsmanship and is built to last. Smart-locking lid technology and powerful magnets across the opening will keep this dugout sealed up and safe when not in use. The pipe storage tube is spring-loaded for easy access and each dugout includes a glass chillum. The pipe's bowl is formed by 3 pinches in the glass which creates optimal airflow in combination with the narrow mouthpiece. The dugouts have an interior compartment that holds up to 2g of dry herb and are available in Maple or Walnut wooden construction. Each Colfax also has bronze metal accents for a classy finish, including the inlaid Anomaly emblem on the top.

Anomaly is a company based in Denver, Colorado that merges the beauty of exotic woods and quality glass. This brand's line of products incorporate premium wooden accents that are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. Their focus is to design classic cannabis accessories with a luxurious modern twist, elevating your style and your mindset all in one.


  • 3.25 inch (10.2cm) height
  • Colfax dugout
  • Glass chillum
  • Smart-locking top w/ magnetic seal
  • Spring-loaded pipe storage
  • 2g of herb storage
  • Bronze metal accents
  • Available with Maple or Walnut wood
  • Pipes available in Black or Clear glass

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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Anomaly Colfax Dugout | Walnut
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Anomaly Colfax Dugout | Maple w/ Black
Anomaly Colfax Dugout | Maple w/ Clear