Bear Quartz Hourglass Pillar Set

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Keep your gear clean and ready to go with the Bear Quartz Hourglass Pillar Set! These small acccessories make a big difference in the output of your dab rig. Made to work with an hourglass style banger of your choice, a single pillar is placed in the bucket to swirl around the bottom edges and sides. This design helps vaporize your concentrates more efficiently as it covers more surface area. Each set includes three borosilicate glass pillars, one each of blue, purple, and green.

Pillar Dimensions: 25mm length, 6mm diameter


  • 24mm long
  • Three piece pillar set
  • Made to work with hourglass style banger
  • Help concentrates vaporize evenly
  • Mixed colors
  • Banger sold separately

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Bear Quartz Hourglass Pillar Set | Pillar with Banger
Bear Quartz Hourglass Pillar Set | 3 Piece Set