Bear Quartz Marble Set

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Deck out your dab rig with pieces that were made for each other! The Bear Quartz Marble Set contains three pieces that work in tandem to help your concentrates vaporize efficiently. A single terp pearl, central marble, and top marble are included in each set. Made to work with a slurper banger of your choice, both marbles restrict airflow within the banger so that the pearl swirls around in the oil.

Check out the Bear Claws Grabber Tool for easy handling!

Dimensions: top marble 22mm, middle marble 12mm, bottom pearl 6mm


  • Three piece marble set
  • Made to work with slurper style banger
  • Help concentrates vaporize evenly
  • Green swirl marble finish
  • Banger sold separately

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Bear Quartz Marble Set | Marbles with Banger
Bear Quartz Marble Set | Green Swirl
Bear Quartz Marble Set | Packaging