Pulsar Candy Swirl Tube Bong

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Add a splash of color to your next smoke sesh!

The Pulsar Candy Swirl Tube Bong is fitted with a crystal ball vortex percolator and an inline perc for maximum diffusion. These water pipes also have a built-in ice catcher for an extra layer of cooling in every hit.

Standing 16 inches tall, these dry herb bongs include a 14mm male Glass bowl slide with a matching horn handle. Multiple color options available.

🦄Let us choose a color for you and save a few bucks! 'Surprise Me!' colors are based on availability and may vary from those pictured.


  • 16 inches (40.6 cm) tall
  • Dual chamber water pipe
  • Crystal ball & inline percolators
  • 14mm female joint connection
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Matching 14mm male herb slide included
  • Pulsar splash logo
  • Multiple color options available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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Pulsar Candy Swirl Tube Bong | Orange Stripe
Pulsar Candy Swirl Tube Bong | Rainbow Stripe
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