Pulsar Crown Herb Slide

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Adorn your water pipe with the Pulsar Crown Herb Slide to declare it ruler of all bong rips! Simple yet elegant, this funnel style bowl has tiny colored glass beading all around the rim and a matching color tab handle. A built-in honeycomb screen is in the bottom to prevent herb and ashes from pulling through to the pipe's water chamber, which helps maintain your bong's freshness. This stylish piece can elevate an otherwise minimalist setup, or amplify an already-ornate water pipe's details. Each herb slide has a 14mm male slide joint connection that is compatible with 14mm female water pipes. Multiple color options are available.

📷⚠️Please note: This item has changed and now has the Pulsar logo on the slide joint instead of the bowl's side. You may receive a newer version that varies cosmetically from those pictured. Updated photos are coming soon!


  • Borosilicate glass herb slide
  • Funnel style bowl
  • Built-in honeycomb screen
  • Tab handle
  • 'Crown' of glass bead detailing around rim
  • Pulsar logo
  • 14mm male slide joint
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Crown Bong Bowl | Group
Pulsar Crown Bong Bowl | Black
Pulsar Crown Bong Bowl | Clear
Pulsar Crown Bong Bowl | Blue
Pulsar Crown Bong Bowl | Green
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