Pulsar Cute Fruit Banger Insert Beads

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These Banger Insert Beads feature a cute fruit design with all the styles from bananas and strawberries to pineapples and oranges. These 7-9mm terp pearls have a height of 12-14mm and are made to improve the vaporization of concentrates.

To use, simply drop 1 or 2ย beadsย into a banger before heating it up. As you heat the banger and your concentrates, the beads will heat too and can be rolled to maximize each draw.

Grab a vortex style carb cap to get these insert beads moving and rolling around.

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Cute Fruit Banger Insert Beads
Pineapple Banger Insert Bead
Cherry Banger Insert Bead
Apple Banger Insert Bead
Lychee Banger Insert Bead
Banana Banger Insert Bead
Lemon Banger Insert Bead
Strawberry Banger Insert Bead
Orange Banger Insert Bead