Pulsar Graphic T-Shirt

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Comfy Stoner Tees, Cool Artwork

No more boring stoner t-shirts! These 100% cotton tees feature a variety of exclusive designs by some of our favorite artists, along with some classic Pulsar art, finally available in tee shirt form.

Stand out from the crowd. Show off your aesthetic and your personality with melt-your-face-off trippy art from Julian Akbar, or sport Courtney Hannen's iconic MrOw design at the next cemetery picnic. 

Printed in the USA

Designs are screen printed on for the most vibrant color payoff, but if vintage is more your style, check out the Psychedelic Octopus design, which is sublimation printed on an extra soft vintage-style shirt in a tropical beach blue. 

The straight cut, gender neutral tees are available in three sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large. 

Out of This World Artist Designs

  • Chill Cat by Julian Akbar
  • Meditation by Julian Akbar
  • MrOw by Courtney Hannen
  • Psychedelic Octopus by Amberly Downs (Vintage style shirt)
  • Trippin' by Julian Akbar

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Multiple Designs
Chill Cat by Julian Akbar | Stoner T Shirts - Pulsar Vaporizers
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Dope Bot | Julian Akbar
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Eye Hamsa
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Meditation | Julian Akbar
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Mrow | Courtney Hannen
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Melting Shrooms
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Psychedelic Octopus | Amberly Downs
Pulsar Cotton T-Shirt | Trippin | Julian Akbar