Linda Biggs Dome Bong | Fitness

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Linda Biggs is a Native American artist, expressing her life and visions through her work. Her watercolor paintings depict a variety of emotions, finding inspiration in everyday life experiences and translating them to colorful hues and flowing linework that tell a story.

The Fitness Bong pictures an athletic fairy lifting weights, improving her mind, body, and spirit. This piece is made from quality borosilicate glass and has green accent glass for the slide connection, base, and mouthpiece. A disc percolator inside the dome chamber provides extra water filtration. Each pipe includes a matching 14mm male herb slide with a handle.


  • 9.75 inches (24.8cm) tall
  • Dome style bong
  • Disc percolator
  • Fitness by artist Linda Biggs
  • Includes matching 14mm male herb slide

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.