Myster Magnetic Stashtray Bundle

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Keep everything you need to roll or pack a bowl in one place with the Myster Magnetic Stashtray Bundle! This set is a great way to get your gear organized (and make sure it stays that way). Grind up your herb, stash it, and ash it all in one place.

The hand-welded rolling tray is made from magnetic stainless steel with a section for rolling and packing. Stash herb in the storage container with a viewing lens in the lid. Grind up herb with the top quality, 4 piece aluminum grinder. Finally, tap out ash in the included ashtray; the pipe spike in the ashtray is made for poking and cleaning debris out of bowls. The ashtray lid even flips over to reveal a bowl stand and joint holder.

All of the included accessories stay attached to the tray magnetically, so you won't have to worry about knocking something over! This also keeps your gear secure for traveling, and the sturdy construction is built to last. Everything can be packed away securely in the leatherette StashBox for storage until next time.
  • 10.75 inch by 8.75 inch leatherette StashBox
  • Stainless steel rolling tray
  • Magnetically attaching accessories
  • Storage jar w/ viewing lens
  • 4 piece aluminum grinder
  • Ashtray w/ pipe spike & bowl stand

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Myster Magnetic Stashtray Bundle
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