Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray & 3D Lid | Bigfoot on Mars

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Exploring other planets, you might hope to discover different minerals, answers about the universe's beginnings, and maybe if you get really lucky, signs of other life forms. You probably didn't expect to find the planet actually inhabited... But now you have photographic proof: Bigfoot is on Mars.

The Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray is made from a lightweight metal and has raised sides with smooth, rolled edges to keep all materials and tools contained. The matching 3D Rolling Tray Lid fits securely on top of the tray, magnetically attaching to the edges for storing all contents when not in use. The colorfast art is resistant to fading, peeling, or chipping, which means these are built to last. Sold individually or as a matching set!


  • Metal rolling tray
  • Rolling tray lid with 3D design
  • Medium size (11 inches by 7 inches)
  • Tray has rolled edges & raised sides (1 inch deep)
  • Lid attaches magnetically
  • Sold individually or as a matching set

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray w/ 3D Lid | Bigfoot on Mars
Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray | Bigfoot on Mars
Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray Lid | Bigfoot on Mars