Pulsar Quartz Carb Cap / Terp Pearl / Banger Kit

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The Quartz Carb Cap / Terp Pearl / Banger Kit includes the essential items that you need to start dabbing.

Contains a thick bottom opal quartz banger, two 6mm quartz terp pearls and a matching carb cap. Drop one or two of these quartz terp pearls into your banger and put the directional carb cap in place for increased flavor and vapor production. The directional airflow creates a vortex that will spin the terp pearls and spread your concentrates as you draw.

The thick opal banger holds heat and releases it slowly over time. Banger bucket inner diameter measures 19mm, OD measures 25mm. Carp cap diameter measures 22mm.

  • Quartz dabbing kit
  • Includes thick bottom banger, carb cap & terp pearls
  • Increases vapor production & flavor
  • Use in combination with terp tongs

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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