RAW Dank Locker Mini Duffel Bag

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The RAW Dank Locker Mini Duffel Bag is a zippered and padded case for holding your pipes, smoking gear, and anything you want to keep secure while on the go. This discreet black case utilizes silicone gasketed double zippers to prevent odors from escaping. There are elastic straps and mesh pockets on the inside for storing papers, lighters, and other small items, keeping everything organized and easy for you to access. The main compartment has a divider that secures the full foil terp locking bag. After you close the case up, the zippers can be secured with the built-in combination lock.

Note: Combination default is "0-0-0". To reset, set to "0-0-0", press reset button (on latch side) with a pencil or small screwdriver until it clicks, rotate to desired combination, press release button on side until it clicks to set combination.


  • 12 inches long by 5.4 inches wide
  • Silicone gasketed double zippers
  • Built-in combination lock
  • Water resistant
  • Small zippered foil terp bag
  • Easy carry handle

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


RAW Dank Locker Mini Duffel Bag
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