Rescue Detox | 5 Day Detox Kit

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The Rescue Detox 5 Day Detox Kit is designed to cleanse the body of toxins permanently. The kit is specially formulated to fortify and assist the body's natural detoxification process by eliminating toxic buildup and free radical invasion from your body, cleansing the body of unwanted toxins permanently as long as toxins aren't reintroduced.

The 5 Day Kit contains 4 different types of capsules designed to eradicate toxic buildup. The 5 Day Detox now comes with (8) Rescue Detox super strength ICE Capsules to be taken after completion of the 5 day program for that extra peace of mind.

No artificial ingredients. No artificial flavors. No synthetic dyes. No artificial sweeteners.


  • 5 Day Detox Kit
  • (4) different types of dietary supplement capsules
  • (8) Rescue Detox super strength ICE Capsules
  • No artificial ingredients

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.