Ric Flair Drip Aluminium Grinder | Stand Tall

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Ric Flair is a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, going down in history for his accomplishments in the ring and his unwillingness to give up. Add some "flair" to your smoking setup with the Stand Tall Aluminium Grinder from the Ric Flair Drip brand. The design pictures the wrestler posing in golden robes with his signature standout blonde hair. A wavy pink background adds a bit of contrast accompanied by the Ric Flair Drip brand logo.

This grinder measures 2.25 inches wide and is comprised of 4 pieces. The lightweight aluminum construction is easy to grip, complete with a textured friction ring at the top. On the inside, this grinder features sharp diamond-shaped teeth for optimum shredding as well as a sifting screen and pollen chamber in the base. The first 2 pieces are kept securely together by a magnet while the lower pieces are connected with a threaded closure.


  • 2.25 inch (5.7cm) diameter
  • 4 piece herb grinder
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Diamond-shaped shredding teeth
  • Sifting screen & pollen chamber
  • Magnetic closure
  • Stand tall design
  • Officially licensed Ric Flair Drip decal

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Ric Flair Drip Aluminium Grinder | Stand Tall
Ric Flair Drip Aluminium Grinder | Stand Tall | Packaging