Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter

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The Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter is a long-lasting, blow-through air freshener and odor neutralizer that was created with longevity in mind. The heavy duty construction ensures maximum airflow and the comfortable rubber mouthpiece creates a tight seal with your mouth to make sure smoke doesn't escape.

The filter is comprised of a 4 stage HEPA system that includes an activated coconut carbon filter to eliminate smoke and lingering smells. A hydrophobic mouthpiece screen prevents moisture from entering the unit, which prolongs the life of this handy accessory. Each air filter is good for over 500 uses and is completely recyclable! Replacement filter inserts are also available.


  • 4 stage HEPA + Activated coconut carbon filter
  • 100% recyclable, eco friendly filter cartridges
  • Eliminates smoke & smoke odors
  • 500+ uses
  • Heavy duty design for max airflow & durability
  • Replacement filters available here

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter
Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter | Packaging