Sugar Skull Straight Tube Bong

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Light up any night with the Sugar Skull Straight Tube Bong! Made from thick borosilicate glass, this water pipe has a straight tube style body with an extra wide base for stability. A slitted diffused downstem channels smoke from the bowl to the chamber, adding smooth water filtration as you inhale. Built into the neck is a 3 pinch ice catcher to rapidly cool smoke, which is especially nice for those larger bong rips. Sugar skulls adorned with floral motifs can be seen all around the pipe's body, accompanied by small spatters of blood near the base. Each bong includes a 14mm male herb slide.

Downstem Dimensions: 3.5 inch (8.9cm) length from base to joint connection; 4.75 inch total (10.8cm) length

🌈⚠️ Please note: This item various styles of patterns and accent colors. In order to keep it in stock, we ask that you let us choose a color for you. Colors are based on availability and may vary from those pictured. Don't want to risk it? Browse the rest of our bong collection!


  • 9.75 inches (24.8cm) tall
  • Borosilicate glass bong
  • Straight tube style body
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Sugar skull & blood spatter design
  • Includes a diffused downstem & 14mm male herb slide
  • Colors and patterns vary

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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