Tornado Bullet Spinner Carb Cap

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Take a page out of the Wizard of Oz and enjoy these Tornado Bullet Spinning Carb Caps.

These carb caps have a spherical bottom so they can be moved around to direct airflow and assist in efficient vaporization. Their internal spinning bead creates a visually pleasing airflow vortex that only adds to the experience of smoking, and they measure 26mm in diameter to function with any banger with a diameter less than 26mm.

With courage, heart, and a little brains, you too can revel in these fun carb caps.


  • 26mm glass carb cap
  • Worked borosilicate glass
  • Airflow vortex
  • Internal spinning bead
  • Multiple color options

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Tornado Ball Spin Carb Cap | Black
Tornado Ball Spin Carb Cap | Green