Choosing An eRig: Pulsar RöK vs Puffco Peak Comparison

When it comes to innovative ways of having a good time, there's no doubt that dabbing has taken center stage over the past few years, with 710 solidly on our list of favorite holidays right alongside 420. Thanks to the technological advances occurring throughout the industry, we’re discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy concentrates discreetly and in more refined ways than ever before. As exciting as these developments are, keeping up with the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos can be challenging. Which electric dab rig is right for you? We're comparing two popular eRigs - the Pulsar RöK and the Puffco Peak - to help you decide.


Right off the bat, both rigs come elegantly packaged, with all the essential accessories to get you started on your dabbing journey.

The Pulsar RöK The Puffco Peak
Puffco Rok Electric Dab Rig Box Contents
Puffco Peak Smart Rig
    • Pulsar RöK unit
    • Standard glass beaker base
    • Glass disc perc downstem
    • Ceramic coil-less cup for flower
    • Quartz coil-less cup for wax/concentrates
    • Dry herb carb cap 
    • Concentrates bullet carb cap
    • Silicone carb cap tether
    • Dabber loading tool
    • Wire brushes (x2)
    • Silicone atomizer cloud collars (x2)
    • Pack of Crud Bud alcohol-soaked cotton cleaning swabs
    • USB-C charging cable
    • Puffco Peak unit
    • Glass attachment
    • Ceramic atomizer cup
    • Glass carb cap
    • Silicone carb cap tether
    • Loading tool
    • Pack of cleaning swabs
    • Micro USB charging cable & supercharger
    • Carrying case (fits rig and all accessories)



Both units have an ergonomic one-button interface and multiple temp cycles available, which makes getting to your perfect temperature or experimenting to find your ideal setting a breeze. The RöK has a simple 5-click on/off setup, and a 3-click temp select to cycle through the temperature settings (680°F, 780°F, 850°F). The Peak powers on when you hold the button down for three seconds, and uses a one-click setting to cycle through its temperature settings (from 450°F to 600°F, in 50° increments). Additionally, both rigs have an “on-demand” heat option - you can hold the dab trigger down and pull for as long as you like each time, so there’s no limit to the clouds you can create.

Both the RöK and the Peak provide smooth pulls thanks to their water-cooled percolation. The RöK holds water in the borosilicate glass base and vapor filters through the replaceable downstem perc, giving you the familiarity of a classic water pipe combined with the ease and coolness factor of 21st century eRig tech. Conversely, the Peak's glass attachment sits on top of the base and the perc is built right in. Either way, no matter what temperature you desire, you won’t have to worry about compromising quality or flavor with these pieces. The RöK in particular delivers smooth milky rips as big as you want to go.

Another feature that both rigs have in common is pre-heat or “party” mode, which can add a little something extra to the sesh. With the Pulsar rig, you can preheat your dabs by double-clicking the dab trigger and activating RöK Mode, which heats up the atomizer cup for 30 seconds to your desired temperature. Don’t want to keep holding the button down for every pull? RöK Mode was designed with you in mind. It can be used to maintain the current temperature if you’re in the middle of a dab and looking for a more hands-free dabbing experience. The Peak comes with a similar Boost Mode, also known as Sesh Mode, that you can activate anytime during your hit to extend the time your atomizer stays at a specific temperature, or increase the temp if you need a little extra kick to get the absolute most out of your session. 


Pulsar RoK Elecrtic Dab Rig - Original and Limited Editions Group Photo

The RöK's silhouette makes it very easy to handle, and with interchangeable parts and accessories ranging from a silicone travel base + downstem to a larger beaker base for extra water capacity, there's no limit except your imagination for customizing your rig and making your experience truly unique! Upgrading to the silicone base makes the RöK a perfect traveling companion for every occasion at every location: from casual hikes to pumped up festival shows, and anywhere in between. The water filtration from the included downstem percolator ensures every pull is cool and smooth. Want a rig that looks as incredibly cool on the outside as it is in every other respect? With limited editions like the rainbow anodized Full Spectrum and the timeless, just the right level of spooky, glow in the dark Luna Glow, the RöK has you covered, keeping things stylish without sacrificing functionality. The updated V2 coilless atomizer preserves the flavor of your concentrates and allows for better overall coverage and heat distribution. Overall, the Pulsar RöK is a no-mess and hassle-free dabbing experience. 


Puffco Peak Smart Rig Electric Dab Rig

Dubbed a Smart Rig thanks to its app connectivity, the Puffco Peak makes dabbing simple. The Peak is a fairly intuitive eRig suitable for any user, featuring haptic feedback to tell you when the device is ready to use, and a colorful LED light band that changes color based on the temperature setting. It also includes a Sesh Mode, aka Boost Mode setting which extends the current temperature and functionality of the Peak by 15 seconds so you and all of your friends have time to puff, puff, pass! The included carrying case protects your Peak when you're on the go, so you can take it with you without worrying. The ceramic cup interior ensures your dab won't burn too quickly or unevenly, so every pull stays packed with flavor. Just like the RöK, the Puffco Peak offers some customization options if you want a rig with more color.


Both the Pulsar RöK and Puffco Peak are great options whether you are diving into the magical world of eRigs for the first time, or if you're a seasoned professional broadening your horizons. The minimalist, sleek designs and one-button operation make handling and operating either rig accessible to users of varying levels of experience. With everything you need to get going included in a convenient all-in-one package, either one of these electric dab rigs would be perfect for anyone looking to explore dabbing beyond the tried-and-true torch-and-banger setup, or just elevate your dry herb game. These eRigs allow you to get straight to your desired temperature without the guesswork, so you can enjoy your concentrates at the push of a button. Both units are durable, solidly constructed, and have great battery life, making either one an excellent daily driver or a fun addition to your existing collection.

The Puffco Peak's optional app integration is very cool if you're into Bluetooth, getting your phone involved, and smart-everything. Pulsar RöK is a phenomenal choice for both new and experienced users looking for a user-friendly, customizable piece that's easy to use and easy to clean. Whether you want massive clouds, incredibly smooth hits, or just to chill at the end of the day with a quality piece that doesn't break the bank, let's be honest: the Pulsar RöK is THE way to #EnjoyHigherCulture.

Which eRig is your favorite? Are there any other eRigs you'd like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments below.

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    I just order the ROK from this company. My sales man was Luke and he is the only person that helped me. I put my first order in on June 2, 2022 and My battery on my Pulsar Barb Fire Variable Voltage Wax Vaporizer and a different sales person. he never got back to me but I was looking at all the dab rigs and I try my buddy’s and he had a volcano digital one. I took 2 hits from the balloon and I was a believer. I looked at the places around town that sells all this stuff. Plant X had the Pulsar Atomizer and I was going to get it and someone bet me to it and they were going to call me when the battery’s and Atomizer come in. They had a Neptune ROK. I can live with the black one but I want to get that bigger smoked glass beaker. It will make it more stable with a bigger base. When I get it I will write how my new toy works. I got some of the accessories for it and I will see how all of it works for me. Thanks Mike Sanders Anchorage Alaska . The best state to live in. Summer time the sun never goes down and it never rains more than an inch and we get about 3 feet of snow in the winter. 60 to70 is best outdoor temp you could want. let Luke read this Thanks

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