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Keep your bongs, dab rigs, bong bowls and quartz nails clean and looking nice with our various cleaning products. 

Our Crud Bud line of products helps clean out the most stubborn of dab residues and caked-on resin. Use our cotton buds with your own isopropyl alcohol or grab our pre-filled alcohol swabs for easy banger and coil cleanup.

The reusable glass bong cleaner is great for cleaning smaller hand pipes. The jug includes a removable soaking basket to put your pipes in while they are soaking inside.

Keep the bong cleaning mess to a minimum with a set of the Pulsar Plugs. The silicone plugs have a universal fit to work with most bong sizes. To use, pour your cleaning solution inside the pipe, plug the mouthpiece and joint openings and shake the solution around to get your pipe squeaky clean.

Why Use Bong Cleaner?

Bong cleaner solution is formulated to keep your bong or dab rig squeaky clean. Many of the cleaning solutions we carry are fast-acting and eco-friendly to get your pipe clean fast. 

The solution consists of a liquid with a salt grit which is super effective at removing sticky resin. The liquid is usually alcohol based which softens and loosens while the salty grit acts as an abrasive to dislodge the resin from the inner surface of your water pipe.

Time is of the essence. Before bottled ready-made bong cleaner was available on the market you would have to create your own or just let your pipe soak overnight in isopropyl alcohol. The great thing about bottled bong cleaner is that you can shake it inside your pipe and have it clean within just one minute! 

How Do You Use Bong Cleaner?

Using bong cleaner is really a pretty simple process. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Shake the bottle of cleaning solution to ensure that it is mixed well.
  2. Remove the foil seal under the cap, put the cap back on and squirt the cleaner into your bong.
  3. Make sure you add enough bong cleaner to fully cover all inner surface area.
  4. Cover the openings of your pipe with specialized plugs, your own hands or some other type of covers.
  5. Shake the solution inside your pipe for approximately one minute or until your satisfied with your pipe's cleanliness.
  6. Dump the cleaning solution down your sink drain and thoroughly rinse your pipe until clean.
  7. Repeat these steps if your pipe is extra dirty.

What Is The Best Bong Cleaner?

A few cleaning brands that have been on the market for a long time and stick out more than others are Grunge Off and Formula 420. You can also use Rez Block from 420 Science to help resin from sticking to your pipe in the first place.

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