Electric Dab Rigs

Electric dab rigs (also called electronic dab rigs or e-rigs) are the future of all things dabbing. These specialty rigs give you the consistent heating of an eNail combined with the classic experience of taking a rip out of borosilicate glass.

Battery powered and self contained, these travel dab rigs are highly portable. Charge it up for the day and take it with you wherever you go. Great for taking with you to the beach or on camping trips.

Instead of using a dab torch to heat up a quartz or titanium nail like you do with a classic glass dab rig, electronic rigs allow you to heat up your concentrate quickly and at the push of a button. The battery powered electronics heat up the attached heating coil which transfers heat to your dab. No need for an open flame.

Our electric dab rigs are sold as kits to make sure you are set up with everything you need including carb caps, dab tools for transferring concentrates and cleaning tools. The kits we sell come with either a travel case or a padded reusable box for storing your rig away when your not using it. 

Both of our premium dab rigs, the RöK and the Hand-E Nail are covered by a 1 year warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

Be sure to check out the RöK collection to browse all of the add-on accessories you can get to customize your RöK premium electric dab rig.

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