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Bongs and water pipes are an essential part of a smoker's setup. Shop our bong collection for a variety of the best thick glass pipes the market has to offer. We have everything from classic beaker shapes to recyclers and every bong style in between.

Over the years we’ve curated a great collection of bongs for sale in a wide range of styles and sizes. Our water bongs feature the best water filtration technology for the smoothest smoke sessions. 

If you're looking for a rig to use with your concentrates, head over to our Dab Rigs collection. Also be sure to check out our collection of non-branded bongs in our Online Head Shop.

Bongs have been in use for a long time going all the way back to the days of ancient Egypt and probably before then. These devices remain in popularity because they filter smoke and provide a smoother, more enjoyable inhale.

Benefits For You

Less Ash & Tar - Bongs hold water inside to filter smoke and carcinogens while you smoke. This filtering process helps to reduce the amount of ash and tar that enter your body. After you have hit a bong a few times you’ll start to see that nasty crud in the bong water. This unpleasant scum would have gone into your lungs without the filtration.

Smoother Smoke - When you smoke out of a bong it feels less harsh than using a dry-hitting pipe or smoking a joint. This is because the water filtration eliminates dry heat from the smoke and cools it to a comfortable temperature. 

Cool Inhale - Some larger bongs are big enough to drop ice into. A built-in ice catcher holds ice in the neck and cools the smoke. The combination of ice and water filtration can produce the smoothest smoke possible for a more enjoyable smoke session.

Provides Big Hits - Bongs provide much more smoke at one time than other types of pipes. This allows you to get a big hit very quickly.

How Does A Bong Work?

There are many types of bongs but they generally work the same way. Dry herb is packed into the bowl or herb slide. As the user lights the herb and inhales, the smoke gets pulled through the water in the percolation chamber. And it bubbles up out of the water, through the neck and finally inhaled. 

How Much Water To Put In A Bong?

This will depend on the size and type of bong you are using. If you are using a bong that has a downstem be sure to put in enough water to cover the slits. This will ensure that the smoke gets filtered through the water. If you add too much water you can end up with it in your mouth which won’t taste very good. When you buy a new bong you’ll need to experiment with the amount of bong water until you figure out the perfect amount. 

Which Is The Right Bong For You?

Glass Bongs - Clear glass lets you see the action inside as you smoke. You can watch as the smoke builds up inside. These also make it easy to see when it is time to clean your bong. Standard glass thickness is 5mm. Thick glass bongs can be made with 7mm or 9mm thickness for a really heavy duty pipe. 

Beaker - This traditional shaped pipe is exactly what it sounds like. It's basic but it works well. Very scientific looking and formed with the same type of borosilicate glass used for lab beakers. Flares out at the bottom to create a large percolation chamber.

Straight Tube - Another traditional shaped pipe. The pipe is a straight tube all the way down to a flat base. Easy to clean and provides the most direct hits.

Silicone Bong - These are great because they are virtually indestructible and you can take them just about anywhere. An excellent choice for having a smoking session on the side of a rocky river. Or you can pack it to go on your next camping trip. Be sure you look for platinum cured medical-grade silicone because it is the best quality. Check out our RIP Series indestructible water pipes. 

Percolator Bongs - There are an endless number of bongs with different percolator configurations. Percolators are built into the pipe and filter smoke through the water. The purpose of the percolator is to increase the surface area of the water that contacts the smoke. These types of bongs provide the smoothest smoke experience.

Mini Bong - A growing trend in the smoke shop industry is the mini bong. These pipes are great because they take up less space and they are easy to handle. Not everyone needs a giant glass piece. A smaller sized pipe is still plenty functional, easy to put away and some even be described as cute.

Components Of A Bong

Bong Bowl - A small external glass piece that you pack your dry herbs into for smoking. Some users also refer to these as an herb slide. Attaches to your water pipe with a joint connection.

Downstem - A downstem connects between your bong bowl and the water percolation chamber. The smoke travels through the downstem into the water and percolates up into the rest of the pipe.

Ice Catcher - Some larger pipes have a built-in ice catcher. This component consists of a three-pinch constriction at the bottom of the pipe neck which the ice stacks on top of. Great for cooling smoke for really smooth rips.

Percs - Percolators are an internal component that filter and mellow out the smoke. Scientific glass pipes will contain at least 1 perc. A lot of pipes have multiple percs with combinations of different styles.

Splash Guard - Some water pipes have a quite energetic percolation action that causes the bong water to reach the mouthpiece. Sometimes this can happen if too much water is added to the pipe. Certain bongs have a splash guard for stopping splashback so you never have to worry about it. Even if you take a really large hit.

Joint Connections - Glass on Glass (GOG) pipes use joint connections for fitting downstems and bong bowls to the pipe. There are many common sizes available in the smoke shop market. Sizes include 18mm, 19mm, 14mm & 10mm. The most common size that users prefer is the 14mm connection. The joints have corresponding male and female connections that fit together snugly and airtight.

Bong Percolator Types

Swiss Perc - Much like a piece of Swiss Cheese, this perc has lots of holes to help diffuse smoke.

Fab Egg - The unique design of this perc sets them apart from other water pipes. These percolators resemble the amazing jewel-covered art pieces that sell for lots of money. Incorporates similar function from the Swiss Perc to help diffuse smoke.

Honeycomb - Composed of a horizontal flat disc with lots of tiny pin-sized holes poked through it. Very effective and compact.

Tree - Tree percs have a number of thin vertical tubes called arms with filtering slits at the bottom. The number of arms can vary. More arms allow for more smoke filtration.

Matrix - A cylindrical shape with lots of holes or slits. Sometimes they are stacked on each other to form a stereo matrix perc. 

Reti - A multi layer cylinder perc with slanted slits on the inside with more opposing slits on the outside.

Turbine - These percs are among the most fun to have in your pipe. A horizontal disc with angled slits creates a whirlpool effect inside the chamber. 

Showerhead - A thin vertical tube that extends into a round chamber with lots of slits around the outside.

Inline - Inline percs are like an extension of a downstem that runs horizontally inside the pipe. Slits along the bottom ensure.

Sprinkler - Similar to a tree perc and can be upside-down or right side up. Has many small tubes to percolate smoke. Some users also call these a Jellyfish perc.

Unique Designs

At Pulsar we work with glass blowers that make original unique bongs. Many of the designs we carry can’t be found at other shops. All pipes are made using a hand blown glass method. Glassblowers might get some aid from a machine to join parts together. But all pipes are made by a person so there will be some variation between each piece.

Accessories For Your Bong

DabPadz - If you are buying a glass bong you can protect the bottom of it with a DabPadz cushion. These cushion the base of your pipe and help to protect it from cracking.

Ash Catcher - It’s like having a mini bong for your bong. This device sits on the outside of your pipe and filters smoke and ash before they go into your bong. Using an ash catcher allows your bong to stay cleaner for longer.

Lighter Holder - This device attaches to the pipe stem and has an embedded magnet to hold your lighter. 

Tap Tray - This silicone ashtray has a pointed center tap dome for clearing ash from bowls. A perfect accessory for helping you clean up after smoking and containing a hot ash mess.

Cleaning Plugs - They are not absolutely necessary but they can make a messy job a lot less messy. Cleaning plugs come in two-piece sets to plug both openings and keep cleaning solution inside. Made with stretchy silicone and universally sized to fit most bongs.

How To Clean A Bong

Your bong can look so pretty when it’s new. But you need to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best. Follow these simple steps below for easy cleaning.

Steps for Cleaning A Bong:

  1. Dump used bong water down the drain.
  2. Add your preferred cleaning solution through the joint opening and mouthpiece.
  3. Insert cleaning plugs into openings. If plugs are unavailable, cover with your hands or fingers.
  4. Shake your pipe thoroughly to distribute the cleaner on the inside surfaces
  5. Continue shaking until debris is removed from surfaces.
  6. Remove plugs if necessary, pour used cleaner down the drain.
  7. Rinse until completely clean.

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