All About Dabber Tools

To have a great dabbing setup you need to make sure you have all the tools for the job. Maybe you already have a dab rig with a quartz banger that chugs hard. But you also need a dab tool for handling sticky concentrates.

Concentrates are available in a variety of consistencies from sticky waxes to ‘diamonds’ in terp sauces. These different products will require different dabbers with various tip styles.

Not sure which one to pick? Keep reading to learn more about dabber types and materials.

Dabber Tool Types

Pointed Tip - These dabbers feature a pointed tip on one end for pulling a glob of wax from your holding container and transferring it into your quartz banger. Works great for getting into the tight corners of your silicone or glass container.

dab tool with pointed tip

Silicone Tips - Silicone sleeves cover the tips and provide you with non-stick scooping action. Great for use with sticky waxes that would otherwise cling to a metal dabber. This versatile dabber is also very easy to clean due to the silicone aspect of the material. Cold Start Technique is recommended as we think you should avoid silicone/hot banger contact as this will depreciate your silicone over time.

dab tool with silicone tips

Sword Tips - This tip provides a sharp-ish edge that you can heat up and cut through your shatter. Just pick up your preferred amount of dab with the tip and insert into banger for your session.  Featuring many styles, this dabber tool is becoming ever more popular as time marches on. 

Scoopers - The introduction of the scooper style was a blessing to our market. With cannabis extracting evolving and extracts themselves changing shape, density, viscosity and dryness. The scooper can handle any type combination of crumble, distillate, sauces and diamond/terp mixes as the dabber acts as a “scooper” to transfer your concentrate from your carry vessel to your banger.

terp sauce dab tool

2-in-1 Dabber Tools - This style of tool gives you two different tip types on opposite ends. Great if you have a variety of concentrate types. Also helps you get a small or a larger sized dab depending on your personal preference per session. Some multi-tools have a carb cap one one end so you can quickly cap your banger after you drop in your dab.

2-in-1 dab tool with carb cap

Tool Sets - Instead of having just one dabber tool you can have a full set on hand to ensure you have the right tool for any dab sesh. These come in a nice travel case that can be zippered up when not in use and keep pet hair and dust from getting on your tools. 

dab tool set

Mini Tools - These miniature sized tools are about half the size of a regular dabber and store easy for traveling. Some of these tools come equipped with a key chain that you can keep with your keys.

mini dab tool


Dabber Materials

Borosilicate Glass - This material allows glass blowers to make some really creative tools with different shapes and colors. Glass is very easy to clean and very versatile. We recommend adding some glass dabbers to your collection for more of a personalized experience to your dab sesh.

borosilicate glass dab tool


Grade 2 Titanium - This metal is great for dab applications because of its very high heat tolerance, and it is virtually indestructible. For that reason, makes it a popular choice in our market.

titanium dab tool


Quartz - This material is stronger than borosilicate which makes it a popular choice. Although quartz can mostly only be made in a clear, transparent style. It still remains a very popular choice for its ease of cleaning and durability. Quartz artists make these dabbers in a variety of styles.

quartz dab tool

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