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Get to Know the DuploCart H2O | The Pulse Blog by Pulsar

Love the ease and convenience of pre-filled vape cartridges, but still looking for that perfect blend of flavors, strains, and terpene profiles? Wishing you could enjoy water-cooled vapor without investing in a super high-end eRig or getting out your entire dab set-up? Want to do both with one device? The Pulsar DuploCart is back and ready to make a splash! Introducing: the Pulsar DuploCart H2O, an enhanced version of our original dual cartridge oil vaporizer. The latest H2O Series vape has all the great features of the original edition, taken to the next level with the addition of a water pipe adapter and new Shift mode. Let’s get into it:


  • 1x Pulsar DuploCart H2O Unit
  • 1x 14/19mm water pipe adapter attachment
  • 1x USB-C charging cable



Like the original, the DuploCart H2O boasts four variable voltage heat settings, each with a different color on the LED display so you always know what level you're working with to optimize your vaping experience:

  • Green - 2.8V
  • Blue - 3.2V
  • Yellow - 3.7V
  • Red - 4.2V

The DuploCart H2O still has the same 5-click on/off setting and 15-second pre-heat function, so your cartridges warm up and are ready to go when you are.

And of course, the DuploCart H2O retains the signature dual cartridge capability Pulsar introduced with the original DuploCart. Load up two 510 cartridges at once and fire them individually or simultaneously - the flavor combination possibilities are endless. Use prefilled cartridges with different strains or terpene profiles and find your preferred blend for vaping by mixing and matching. The vaporizer works with 510 threaded, 0.5mL or 1mL cartridges, and with any mouthpiece tip shape. The convenience of prefilled and the personalization of custom blends, all in one portable, adaptable vape! The magnetic dual-cartridge loading mechanism ensures both of your carts stay securely in place no matter where your travels take you.


Pulsar DuploCart H2O Vaporizer with Water Pipe Adapter


Water-cooled Vaping with Any Bong

Equipped with Pulsar’s innovative two-in-one 14/19mm male water pipe adapter, this vape is compatible with your favorite glass piece for smoother hits and cooler vapor. The 14mm adapter screws into the 19mm adapter when not in use so the whole system is super portable when you need it to be. We recommend trying the H2O with one of our premium glass water pipes for the best experience.

Button Press or Auto-Draw with Shift Mode

We already mentioned DuploCart’s standard pre-heat function - it’s perfect for thicker concentrates that may solidify at colder temperatures, and the button press operation is intuitive and simple. But what if you want to use a cartridge with a low viscosity oil?  H2O's new Shift mode lets you shift seamlessly from Button Press Mode to Auto-Draw Mode, so you can use it with all of your favorite concentrates. Let your cart(s) preheat and toke at your leisure — no button required, and no switching between devices for low and high viscosity oils.

Last but not least, the upgraded USB-C charging port provides lightning-fast charging and extended battery life - plus you don’t have to stare at your cord after a session to try and figure out if you’re plugging it in right.

With these upgraded features, the DuploCart H2O puts more than twice the power of the average cartridge vaporizer right in your pocket! Find your unique dual cartridge blend, enjoy water cooled vapor at the touch of a button, switch between button press and auto-draw modes for increased versatility, and get the most out of the 650maH battery; all in one sleek, compact package.

Want to see it in action? Click the video below for an in-depth unboxing and check out our other helpful videos on InstagramVimeo and YouTube!

How DuploCart Can Work For You

The DuploCart H2O is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to cool off their cart vape hits or experiment with different strain and flavor combinations using the dual cartridge function. Perfect for travel or at-home sessions, there's no stopping you from maximizing the H2O's potential thanks to the versatility of Shift mode and faster USB charging. The intuitive interface makes it suitable for any experience level -  it’s a fantastic unit for beginners and seasoned users alike.

If water-cooled vaping sounds like something you want to try, but you want to start off with an even more straightforward device, check out the single cartridge Pulsar GiGi H2O. It has the same water pipe compatibility but a more streamlined set of functions, in a smaller and more discreet size.

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