I Wasn't Sure If You Liked Roses...So I Rolled You 100 Blunts

 A Very Pulsar Valentine's Day

Two pink pre-rolls on top of some leafy nugs, w. rose border and neon text reading Happy Valentine's Day, with Pulsar spelled out on a heart garland.

Love is in the air! Here at Pulsar, we firmly believe that the couple who smokes (vapes/dabs/chooses their own adventure!) together, stays together.

OK, sure, there are amazing restaurants, gigantic boxes of chocolate, gorgeous flowers (pun intended), and life-sized bear plushies…but what better way to show your significant other how much they mean to you than breaking out some delicious nugs and ordering some Chinese takeout while baking yourselves silly to a favorite romantic comedy? Or My Bloody Valentine if horror is your bag, we don’t judge here.

Any day is a good day to share the love, but Valentine’s Day is the commercial holiday (with some non-commercial roots!) that reminds us of that, and for the so-inclined, there are plenty of ways to get high on love, together or solo. And listen, we know you don’t NEED a company that makes super cool vapes to feel that love. But that’s what we do here, we cultivate Higher Culture and make vaporizers for the people. It’s as good a time as any to get in on some cool solo, couple, or throuple/polycule gadgets, gizmos, and comfort items. So, let’s get into it! 

A heart made out of weed nugs


Finally, Some Alone Time; Or, What If I Ain’t Got No Baby?

Not everyone has big sappy romantic aspirations for Valentine’s Day and that’s alright! There are plenty of us out there who are single and ready to mingle, or not ready to mingle because we like some nice solitude. That’s more than okay because there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself a little love this holiday. If that sounds like you, there are some great little treats you can give yourself as you relax with some snacks or prepare for a night out with your friends. 

rozy pink pre rolled cones box

Rozy Pink Pre-Rolled Cones

Give yourself a festive way to enjoy a fresh bouquet of your favorite…flowers. These pink cones are made of fine European paper and use an all-natural dye to achieve their rosy hue. Plus, you can support a good cause: every Rozy product sold benefits breast cancer research! With these fine papers, you can pay it forward while you puff-puff-pass.


Endo Rose Heights Pre-rolled Cones in Jars

Endo Rosé Heights Pink Pre-Rolled Cones

Sit back with a glass of rosé and a floral pink joint before you head out to meet up with friends and mingle. Made with ultra-thin slow burning papers, these papers are GMO free for a clean and smooth smoking sesh. These pre-rolls are easy to pack and fill, fitted with a built-in tip making them ready to enjoy.


Beautiful Burns La Vie En Rose Cones centered, other varieties of cones fanned out behind them

Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Cones | La Vie en Rose

Nothing smells quite as sweet. Plus, at eight cones per pack, these beauties are ideal for anyone who's afraid of commitment! These printed papers give an eco-friendly twist with a natural dying process using edible inks and a pulp that ensures a slow and even burn. If pink roses aren't your jam, you can find plenty of other designs from Beautiful Burns in the online headshop.


Every Rainbow Puking Skull themed piece of gear Pulsar currently has to offer.


Pulsar Rainbow Puking Skull Vapor Vessel

Does all the sappy and sickly sweet romance of this holiday make you want to barf? Check out the vapor vessel edition of this insanely cool design. The mini-tree perc gives smooth hits, and the UV-reactive paint job is a head-turner under black lights. Feelin' like this puking skull might be your final form, but prefer dry herb? You're in luck! Take the V out of Valentine's Day and put it back into Vomitorium, because we've got this skull puking up rainbows all over the place, including as a spoon pipe, a bubbler, a rig-style bong, AND a beaker bong.


pulsar ornately horned spoon pipe pink 

Pulsar Mysticism Ornate Horned Spoon Pipe

Get horny this holiday! These five-inch long, ornately horned spoon pipes are available in a festive pink and give you the perfect vessel for a solo session of self-love. Enjoy your pleasure any way you see fit, darlin'. We won't yuck your yum.

Aaaaaat Laaaast! Or, A Table for Two 

Finally. It’s time. You and your special someone can celebrate this feast day of love ~together~. Get with your loved one for romance, intrigue, and enjoyment on a higher level. Be it bubble baths, cozy couches, or a night out on the town, you can bring a little extra flavor to your love life with these tasty treats.

Pulsar DuploCart Oil Vaporizer in all four colorways; the black version is partially open to show the dual cartridges

Pulsar DuploCart

This nifty 510-threaded vaporizer is perfect for a dynamic duo. With the capacity for two completely different cartridges in just one vape, you and your beloved can each have a tasty treat and mix/match as you see fit. Small and discreet, it’s good at home or on a night out to dinner and a movie. Or an escape room, or laser tag, or….you get it. There's also the DuploCart H2O which is perfect for running with your favorite glass pipes. Speaking of which... 


Three versions of the Pulsar Hearts Lava Lamp-shaped Dab Rig

Pulsar Hearts Lava Lamp Dab Rig

It’s got little hearts inside! Good for sharing with your partner and bringing some ”light” in your Valentine’s Day celebrations, this nifty dab rig feels right at home from the living room couch to the bedside table.


Two elephants meet at a heart-shaped tree, as shown on a blue, pink, and yellow tie-dyed tapestry.

ThreadHeads Lucky Elephant Couple Tie-Dye Tapestry

Listen, it’s cute as hell. Gift it to your partner, and showcase that you have a love that will never forget. It’s got adorable animals! Heart-shaped trees! And tie-dye! Which, honestly, is everything that matters. 

Pulsar’s Polycule Presents for Plenty of Partners; Or, I Need a Bigger Planner

Maybe you vibe a little differently and have multiple partners, live in a multi-person polycule, or maybe you just have some kind of a non-traditional family arrangement. Sometimes a family is just ten dads, and if that’s you, then you probably feel pretty left out by most Valentine’s Day ads, commercials, and general media. Well, the good news is that Pulsar has you covered with gifts the polycule or other non-trad family can all enjoy, in whatever configuration it finds you. 

pulsar sipper dual use bubbler

Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Concentrate & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Bubbler

Tried and tested, probably the best of the best. We -and others!- have written plenty on this amazing dual-use concentrate vaporizer, but suffice it to say it is perfect for plenty of people to puff, pass, sip, and savor. 

forgotten trip fleece blanket with skulls and mushrooms

Pulsar Fleece Throw Blanket

Keep warm on chilly nights with a fleece throw blanket that livens up a living space and will keep the whole throuple nice and cozy! ...Okay, maybe not the whole throuple, but these blankets are definitely affordable enough to snag more than one if you’re just three blanket hogs wearing a trench coat. Available in a multitude of designs, there’s a little something for every poly partner and metamour. Spread the love and spread out one (or five) of these blankets.



Four of the rigs in MR Arsenal's Limited Edition Rosewood pink colorway, surrounded by light pink hearts


MJ Arsenal Rosewood Editions

Some of the coolest mini rigs we offer and they are available in a gorgeous Rosewood color for a limited time. There are four of these bad boys and they are a wonderful way to rip into the romantic spirit. Check them out, even if it’s just to admire some truly breathtaking glasswork. The Claude, shown below,  keeps us coming back like that toxic ex from before we knew better... but like, MUCH healthier.

mj arsenal claude dab mini rig rosewood pink color 


Valentine’s Day is mostly a commercial holiday these days, and Cupid is a little played out. So this year, no matter the day, give a little love and don’t worry about the giant stuffed bear or boxes of chocolates.

Get together with your loved one(s) or celebrate your single status, and #EnjoyHigherCulture.

XOXO, your Palentines at Pulsar.

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