A Website Update!

Certain words are too powerful to be said. Secret words that contain a dread ability to rock the foundations of civilization. As such, they must be referred to only with cryptic allusions. 

I bring this up because Pulsar is going to deliver an exciting new service! In addition to emails (which I will be the first to admit no one reads anymore), we want to meet the people where they are, which is usually on their phones, so we want to slide into your DMs with a text message service that will help YOU (our valued customers) stay up to date on new releases and deals. However, with this exciting new change, we have to shift some things around. 

With the current federal SHAFT laws, telecom companies won’t let us send you things that promote drugs or alcohol. Due to this, we cannot use The C Word or The H Word on the website anymore. You know, that C word that rhymes with “banana bus” or “nana bliss” and that H word that can make rope or paper or ointments. Weed, pot, smoking, vaporizers: all fine. But C and H are out. It’s just the world we live in, I suppose. 

a banana bus with an image of a cannabis leaf


Thank you for your understanding!



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