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Chillum pipes are a smaller travel-friendly option that are perfect for smoking on the go. Chillums which are also known as one-hitters easily fit in your pocket and are more affordable than larger pipes.

What Is A Chillum?

A Chillum is traditionally a straight conical smoking pipe from Africa and the pipe is still used in Rastafari sacramental rituals. These pipes are made from a variety of materials including stone, animal horns, bamboo, wood and borosilicate glass. The latter material is what our Chillums are made with much like the rest of our pipes. 

In these modern times, Chillums have become somewhat synonymous with One Hitters and Taster Bats. The size has become smaller so that the pipe is easy to travel with and conceal. The difference is that the  bowl has a larger capacity than a one hitter. You can get many hits off a chillum whereas you only get 1 or 2 from a one hitter. Our chillums have a built in restriction that keeps users from inhaling hot ash.

How To Clean A Chillum

The simple design and relatively small size of a Chillum makes it easy to clean. Just like other small hand pipes you can put it into a zip lock bag with your preferred cleaning solution and shake. The shaking action will dislodge build up from the surface of the glass. 

If you don’t have a ready-made cleaning solution on hand, you can make your own by diluting rubbing alcohol to ⅓ strength with water and sprinkle in some table salt. If you use the rubbing alcohol solution, it will be best to put it into a sealed container with your pipe and let it soak for at least two hours.

Then rinse your pipe off with warm water and your chillum will be ready for use again.

Why Use A Chillum?

Cost effective - If you are looking for your first pipe or are just looking for a simple pipe, a chillum is certainly a cheaper option. Chillum prices can range anywhere from about $10 to $35 dollars depending on how intricate the design is.

Portable - The small size allows you to put it in your pocket, purse or backpack. Some are even compatible with a dugout which gives you a place to store your pipe and a compartment for your stash.

Discreet - Also because of the pipe’s small size it is easy to conceal. Some chillums or one hitters are even decorated to look like a cigarette so it looks like you are just taking a drag from one from far away.

Chillums vs. Hand Pipes

Chillums are technically a type of hand pipe but are much smaller than spoons, sherlocks and other hand pipes. The larger sizes of pipes have a carb hole built in to them for clearing the smoke after taking a drag, while the smaller size of the chillum does not. 

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