Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig

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Convenient. Comprehensive. Customizable.

Introducing the Focus V Carta 2 : a high-powered electric dab rig with updated capabilities, more portable than ever.

The Carta 2 has a contoured profile that's comfortable to use and pass around with friends, spreading the enjoyment around wherever you roam. Its ergonomic body shape is available in multiple colors to suit your preference, topped with a borosilicate glass bubbler attachment. This geometric dome contains an inner dome percolator that diffuses vapors with water for maximum cooling power. 

This model includes the upgraded Intelli-Core™ atomizer, featuring an innovative heating profile that promotes maximum vapor production. Measuring in at 14mm diameter, it's nearly a third larger than other models for more heated surface area and a larger capacity for dabs. This included atomizer is designed for use with concentrates, however Everlast atomizers made for dry herb use are also available separately. The chamber is topped with a silicone sleeve that has a built-in carb cap, all tethered safely to the rig. Its airtight seal allows for optimal airflow within the chamber, and it can be paired with a terp pearl of your choosing to stir the oil as you inhale.

The Carta 2 is equipped with a fully customizable temperature range so that you can dial into the exact sesh you desire. In addition to the power button, the other two tactile buttons allow you to toggle between temperatures and make time adjustments as needed. A bright OLED screen displays all device information like current temperature, timers, battery life and more in an easy-to-read colorful format.

Dab during the daytime or light up the night with this vaporizer's RGB-LED lights located throughout the build. Whether for setting the mood or purely for ease of sight in low light environments, this alluring personal light show is always ready to go! Many pre-set temperature profiles and light modes are available by connecting to the Focus V app on your smartphone, offering even more potential to find your favorite configuration.

Travel easily with the whole setup since this set includes a silicone stopper for the glass bubbler attachment, so you don't have to worry about refills on the road! Pack it all up in the convenient shoulder carrying bag. The Carta 2 is powered by a powerful 2000mAh battery with a high capacity so you can enjoy more dabs between charges. Re-up quickly via the USB-C charging cable, or if you can't wait, this device has pass-through charging capabilities so you can use it while plugged in!

What's in the box?

Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig Tech Specs:

  • 2000mAh battery
  • Full temperature range (365-635°F)
  • Larger chamber for more heated surface area
  • Borosilicate glass bubbler attachment
  • Silicone carb cap & tethered sleeve
  • OLED screen
  • Customizable RGB-LED lights
  • Smart app connectivity
  • Travel stopper & shoulder bag for discretion
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Group
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Bordeaux
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Forest
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Midnight
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Grape
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Mint
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Black
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Alt Side View
Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig | Packaging

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