Oil Vape Pens & Batteries

Our line of vape pens and batteries are made to work with thick oil cartridges and concentrates. The popular Mobi battery fits standard pre-filled cartridge tanks and lasts all day.

Thick oil vapes give you a discreet option that allows you to get your fix when and where you need it without much of a smell. Our offerings include basic vape pen style batteries that feature a slim size as well as more advanced units like the DuploCart which can handle two cartridges at the same time or the Micro Dose which can be used with pre-filled cartridges and concentrates.

Advantages of using a vape pen for prefilled cartridges is it is much less messy and smelly than other types of vapes for concentrates and dry herb. All you have to do is purchase a cartridge containing your favorite strain from your local dispensary, screw it on to the battery and inhale. When you are done, stash the vape pen back in your pocket or purse without having to clean anything or waiting for the vape to cool down.

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