420 Everywhere Straight Tube Bong

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Glow up the way you celebrate this season with the 420 Everywhere Straight Tube Bong! Blown from borosilicate glass, this pipe is covered in colorful enamel 420 decorations that glow in the dark to make things festive whether it's day or night. The slitted downstem diffuser provides optimal water diffusion, while the 3 pinch ice catcher is worked into the neck for ice-cold rips of smoke. Pack it up and pass around to friends for the ultimate enjoyment! Each bong includes a separate downstem and a 14mm male herb slide.

Bong 11.5 inches (29.21cm) tall
Bong Joint 45 degree angle
Downstem 4.75 inches total length
3.5 inches without joint
Herb Slide 14mm male


  • Borosilicate glass bong
  • Straight tube style body
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Glow in the dark enamel 420 decorations
  • Includes a slitted diffuser downstem & an herb slide

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


420 Everywhere Straight Tube Bong | Front View
420 Everywhere Straight Tube Bong | Back View
420 Everywhere Straight Tube Bong | Glow In The Dark