Alien Labs Glass Ashtray

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Alien Labs is a legacy brand that crafts new strains of premier exotic indoor herbs. Pioneering the way in the California canna-scene, they've earned their out-of-this-world reputation. Next time you smoke, get spacy with the Alien Labs Glass Ashtray! The brand's signature logo adorns the center on a solid color background; multiple colors are available.

These ashtrays are made from thick, durable glass with built-in cigarette rests on the rim. This classic design in the smoking community has proven to be a great way to contain ashes while smoking joints or emptying spent bowls.


  • 4 inches (10.2cm) diameter
  • Thick glass ashtray
  • Built-in cigarette rests
  • Alien Labs logo design
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Alien Labs Glass Ashtray | Group
Alien Labs Glass Ashtray | Black
Alien Labs Glass Ashtray | Green
Alien Labs Glass Ashtray | Purple