A-peeling Banana Chillum

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Ensure you get your daily dose of potassium with the A-peeling Banana Chillum! Made from durable borosilicate glass, this compact pipe is crafted into the shape of a partially peeled banana. The 'peeled' sections on each side help prevent this piece from rolling away on flat surfaces and are easy to grip. Chillum style pipes are great for a quick toke or smoking on the go, since the compact size stashes easily in a pocket or purse!


  • 3.25 inches (8.3cm) long
  • Borosilicate glass hand pipe
  • Chillum style body
  • Peeled banana design

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


A-peeling Banana Chillum | Side View
A-peeling Banana Chillum | Bowl View